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Diana Vase
Erte (Romain de Tirtoff) 1892 -1990
Hand Carved Encased Glass Vase
Height: 19 inches, Width: 5 inches
2004 From an early original design in Gouache
Edition: 300 numbered



Perhaps no other artist of the 20th. century so seamlessly combined the folkloric, the mythological, the pastoral, and the urban as did Marc Chagall.

Chagall Gallery

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he almost childlike delight of Chagall's work, its unique combination of Jewish mysticism and the artist's own French-Russian sensibility, as well as its unabashed celebration of European peasantry, make Chagall's art seem wonderfully untouched by modernity's disruptions... 
Invoking the Jewish religion of his childhood and the traditions of Russian folk art, both replete with myths and fables, the French-Russian artist Marc Chagall fabricated a mystical world of lovers, musicians and artists in his work.  He chose lithography as a print medium that could offer him almost unlimited painterly freedom to explore this world.  Since lithography is a technique where the artists can work directly on the printing plate or lithostone, the resulting prints convey the spontaneity of his brushstrokes and drawn lines.  Lithography also allowed Chagall to work in lush color, which he viewed as his metier, and for which he has become renowned.  Chagall's lithographs are now among the most collected art works of the 20th. century...


Le Coq sur Paris, Paris 1958
Der Hahn uber Paris
The Rooster over Paris
Hand Signed and Numbered

Paysage Bleu, Paris 1958
Blue Landschaft
Blue Landscape
Hand Signed and Numbered

Chagall The Lithographs, Page 115, 118
Catalog Number 223

Chagall The Lithographs, Page 113,114
Catalog Number 221


Aurore a Saint-Paul, Paris 1968
Morgenrote in St. Paul
Dawn at Saint-Paul

L'Arbe de Jesse, Paris, Novembre 1960
Der Baum von Jesse
The Tree of Jesse

Chagall The Lithographs, Page 260
Catalog Number 548

Chagall The Lithographs, Page 129, 131
Catalog Number 297


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